Where can I buy Medterra CBD Oil?

December 13, 2019

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You’ve been doing the research. You’ve read countless articles. You are ready but ask yourself: Where can I buy Medterra CBD oil?

Of course, the easiest way (since you’re here) is to purchase online. Another way would be for you to take a moment and search through our retail location finder. You can input city, state or zip code and see where Medterra can be purchased, near you.

How is this possible? 

It is possible for you to purchase Medterra in all 50 states because of the passage of the Hemp Farming Act in 2018. This federal decision removed hemp from the list of controlled substances and listed it as an agricultural commodity. Once that happened, hemp became federally legal to grow, harvest and manufacture with.

Hemp, part of the cannabis sativa genus of plants, has the same compounds as marjuana: THC, Terpenes and CBD. The difference is in the amounts of these items that each plant contains. 

Tetrahydrocannabinol – or THC – is the compound that is associated with the psychotropic effect or “high” feeling. In Marijuana, the percentage of THC averages at about 30% but the range of percentages depends on the source plant. Marijuana, and the products it can be made into (like tinctures or edibles), is only available in states where marijuana has been made legal.

Hemp, on the other hand, has a natural THC level of only .3% or less. This is considered a scant amount which doesn’t trigger a psychoactive response. 

The opposite is true when talking of the compound Cannabidiol (CBD) and how much of that is in each type of plant. Hemp’s concentration of cannabinoids and the much-desired CBD is higher than the natural CBD levels inside marijuana.

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Our hemp is grown in Kentucky where the rich soil and long growing season lend to a superior quality crop. We, then, extract the compounds from the hemp using a solventless C02 process. Those compounds are separated even more to give us the isolated CBD. That isolated CBD is what we blend into our recognized Medterra products.

[About CBD Isolate]

All Medterra oils are created with CBD isolate so they are all made to be without THC, guaranteed. We provide true seed to sale products: grown, extracted and made in the U.S.A.

You can always review all of our third party testing results by reading our Certificates of Analysis. If you have further questions, don’t be afraid to reach out. You can contact us through our contact page, here, or you can call us at 800-971-1288.

✝Representations regarding the efficacy and safety of Medterra have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat, or cure any disease. 

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