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February 7, 2019

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On Friday, January 19, Medterra teamed up with notable fashion line, ‘Show Me Your Mumu,’ Los Angeles barre studio, Barre Belle, and therapy tool, Theragun, to host an exercise experience in West Hollywood. ‘Mumu’ has made a name in the fashion space by mastering the art of combining chic and boho styles, cultivating comfortable yet style-forward pieces for every season. Associated with some of the most powerful women in the industry, Mumu puts on a number of events throughout the year, ranging from sample sales to social soirees and launch parties.

‘New Year, New Mu’ was the first event of its kind. Founder of Barre Belle, Marnie Alton welcomed over 25 influential women to her studio, which was recently voted best barre studio in LA. Founded with a focus on strength and flexibility training, Barre Belle classes are 60-minute full-body workouts for all ability levels. These classes combine mental focus, current music, and ballet-derived movements. Attendees came out to Barre Belle to mingle, try out Mumu’s newest activewear line, take a Barre Sculpt Class from Marnie herself, and promote health and wellness. The guests included bloggers and influencers who focus on fashion, fitness, lifestyle, food and some who do a little bit of it all!

The event featured post workout Theragun massages in combination with Medterra CBD Rapid Cooling Cream. Theragun is a high-frequency, high-amplitude neuromuscular percussive therapy device that provides muscle activation, recovery, and pain relief. When paired with our all-natural CBD Rapid Cooling Cream, you get the full package. Between the pressure of the gun and the cooling sensation of our cream, you get everything you could want after an intense workout.

When presented with the opportunity to be a part of this event, we were thrilled. Collaborating with influential women and brands like such has allowed us as a company to re-energize our efforts and remember why we started to begin with. We were founded and fueled by our passion for helping people, and we know that our products can do just that! A huge thank you to our friends at Mumu, Barre Belle, Theragun, and all of the lovely ladies who showed up to support us.

Check out some of the posts from New Year, New Mu below and on Instagram at @showmeyourmumu

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Jay Hartenbach
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