CBD Candy – Guide to Popular CBD Candies and Edibles

February 26, 2020

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CBD (Cannabidiol) is the hit of the market, and though there are so many ways to take this compound, many are asking about CBD candy. Yes, it’s been manufactured into oil tinctures (a top favorite among consumers), topical creams, lotions and capsules, but another very popular way that the masses are enjoying CBD is in an edible form. Here’s a guide to popular CBD candies and edibles. 

Since the U.S. Farm bill passed in 2018, the ability to find hemp-derived CBD products has skyrocketed. By allowing hemp to be the agricultural commodity that it is, this diverse crop is able to be farmed, harvested and the CBD compound removed from the rest of the plant for products to be enjoyed by everyday Americans. Because the compounds can be extracted, they can be added to recipes for tasty treats quite easily.

There are many advantages to enjoying CBD this way. One of the most obvious is in its portability. Edible treats like CBD gummy candies or chocolates are both portable and inconspicuous. While hemp products are legal, federally, there are still some out there who are not informed and may raise an eyebrow at an “obvious” CBD product being consumed in public. By enjoying a gummy or chocolate treat, no one is the wiser.

Another advantage to candies or chocolates infused with cannabidiol is that the serving size is pre-measured and there’s no need to second guess or try to figure out exactly how much to consume.

Perhaps the biggest advantage is that you’re satisfying your sweet tooth at the same time!

When shopping for this particular genre of good, here are some tips that may be helpful.

Like shopping for any supplement or wellness product, it is always a good idea to take the time to research where the products are coming from. A quality CBD product manufacturer will have information on their website about where their hemp is sourced, their processes and their certificates of analysis. A third-party testing service will sign off and provide these test results that can be viewed for in-depth information on the hemp-derived compounds inside.

It is also good to take the time to review the ingredients, spectrums and supplement facts.

The ingredients list is where you will find the terms CBD or “Cannabidol” indicating the precious ingredient is inside. Some have used the term “hemp extract” for this, too, but be aware that it isn’t “hemp seed oil”, as that is not CBD. Hemp seed oil is an oil that is created by pressing the hemp seeds. While a beneficial, protein and Omega rich oil, it is not going to be the compound you’re searching for.

Spectrums are another thing to consider when shopping. CBD products are known to be segmented by spectrums – Full, Broad or Isolate. Full Spectrum products are those who utilize all of the compounds that can be extracted from the hemp plant. This includes THC, CBD, terpenes and other cannabinoids that are naturally occurring in the plant. If something is labeled as Broad Spectrum, then the THC has been removed but all of the other compounds are in the final product. In CBD isolate products, the goods have just the CBD compound in them and nothing more. This trio of options allows for a broad range of choices and potential results for whatever someone may be looking to add to their day.

One word of advice regarding spectrums: if you’re new to enjoying CBD products, then be aware that some candies can still have an earthy note to them. This is more likely in products that are on spectrum as opposed to the isolate products. If desirous of an experience that doesn’t have that earthy tone to it, then isolate products are the best option.

Once you’ve done your research and figured out what kind of CBD product you want to enjoy, the only thing to choose is based upon taste and type. With chocolates, gummies, taffy, lollypops and hard candies available, there is something for everyone.

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