CBD and Pets According to Dr. Lisa Lippman, DVM

November 11, 2020

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Everything you need to know, from one of the country’s leading veterinarians …


In just a few short years, millions of people have incorporated CBD supplements into their self-care routines. But did you know that CBD’s wide-ranging potential benefits aren’t limited only to those of us who walk on two legs? A growing body of research and testimony points to CBD’s beneficial applications for dogs and cats, as well.

That’s why we have the wonderful Dr. Lisa Lippman, DVM on the team at Medterra. The renowned veterinarian is leading light when it comes to the gospel – and the science – of pet safety, health and happiness. As our Pet Health Advisor, Dr. Lippman’s expertise guides our approach to providing safe, effective CBD formulated specifically for pets.


One of the most illuminating facts showing the vast potential of cannabinoid-based supplements is that virtually all animals have been found to have endocannabinoid systems – the system of cannabinoid receptors and neurotransmitters that regulate profound functions in the brain and body.

What’s more, early research has shown that many mammals, like dogs, actually have far greater endocannabinoid receptors in their central nervous system than humans. The endocannabinoid system’s key role in regulating mental function, inflammation, the immune system, and the musculoskeletal system (among others) is what makes it such a profound therapeutic target for cannabinoid supplements like CBD.

Research shows CBD to be very safe in humans and pets alike. But be aware — since dogs and cats are highly sensitive to cannabinoids, it’s important to only give them CBD supplements that have a “THC-free” guarantee, as this psychoactive cannabinoid can produce unwanted adverse effects.

Whether you already use CBD with your pets, or you’re curious and have questions about getting started, Dr. Lippmann has some helpful guidance for all pet lovers.


Q: What are the benefits of giving CBD to my pet?

Many people give CBD because of its calming effects. But there is both scientific and anecdotal evidence showing that it can help with arthritis and joint pain, appetite stimulation, skin conditions, seizures, nausea, and much more!

Q: Is it safe to give my pet CBD?

Do your research! Not all CBD is created equal. Make sure you’re buying from a reputable company like Medterra, who provides third-party testing certificates that show exactly what’s in their products.

Q: Will my pet get high?

CBD will NOT get your pet high! THC is the component that makes you high. Though they come from the same plant, they have different effects. I work with Medterra because they have a zero THC guarantee.

Q: How much should I give to my 30-pound dog?

Dosing varies a lot by the person and by pet due to weight and ailment. I would start low and slow because it can range anywhere from 1mg-100mg. A lot of people use the formula 1-2mg for every 10 pounds of weight, and it’s usually a good rule of thumb.

Q: Can my pet overdose on CBD?

No! You cannot overdose on CBD. Their bodies dispose of the CBD that’s not absorbed, so you don’t have to worry about them taking too much.

Q: Is it illegal to give my pet CBD?

No! CBD is federally legal in all 50 states.

Q: What’s the difference between human CBD and pet CBD?

Medterra’s pet line is formulated specifically for a pet with flavors like chicken and beef, and they also have treats that combine CBD with other ingredients for calming effects and joint support. Some companies, it’s the same CBD just with a different label.

Q: I’ve heard there is a lack of research.

More and more research is coming out every day. But to name just one recent study, Medterra worked with Baylor College of Medicine looking at osteoarthritis in dogs and how CBD can help. While the placebo group and the low CBD group showed no improvement, by the end of the one-month period, the group of dogs who took higher doses of CBD or used CBD in a liposomal formulation saw significant improvement in their mobility and quality of life.

Q: Is CBD bad for the liver?

The Baylor study with Medterra also focused on the liver and found that there were no adverse effects.

Q: Can I give CBD to my cat?

Yes! CBD works on all mammals so that you can give it to your dog, cat, bunny, or even hamster.


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