5 Tips for Purchasing Cannabidiol Oil (CBD)

July 11, 2018

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As studies of health benefits from cannabidiol are becoming more clear, more people are looking to it as a health supplement to help with various ailments, such as arthritis, inflammation, discomfort, and more. Due to the increasing demand, there are more manufacturers of CBD hemp oil selling product on the market.

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Here are 5 tips to remember while shopping for CBD oil products.

Step 1
Twist the cap and squeeze the dropper to fill the pipette with your desired amount of oil and dispense it under your tongue.

Tip #1: Check if it Has Been Independently Lab Tested
CBD companies will send their product to laboratories for independent testing. Testing can reveal the amount and type of cannabinoids, and other toxins in their product. These analysis results are pivotal to know exactly what you are buying.

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Tip #2: Where The Hemp Was Grown and Manufactured
Not only should customers know what is inside the product, but where it is coming from. Hemp should be ideally grown in a field that was not a prior industrial waste dump. Plants can absorb these harmful wastes from the soil and contaminants could cause negative effects from consumption.

Tip #3: Method of Extraction Matters
Oil extract methods have the potential to produce traces of harmful solvents. Reputable CBD manufacturer will use an extraction method that results in the purest CBD possible. Currently, a reputable extraction method uses CO2 technology, aka Supercritical Fluid Extraction using Carbon Dioxide.

Tip #4: Color of the CBD oil
The color of the CBD oil is an important factor for customers to know, as it indicates the purity of the oil itself. The darker the color means it has not been as filtered and has more impurities. If the oil is more clear, it means it has been filtered to extract unnatural substances to maximize pure CBD concentration.

Tip #5: Customer Service Should Be Readily Available & Responsive
Ultimately, a CBD company should always have a customer service representative ready to take calls and answers basic questions such as lead time on shipping, shelf life, storage, dosing, and company information.

When buying CBD products, please keep in mind that you want to find the purest product possible. By following the above tips, consumers can ensure they’re getting the maximum health benefits out of CBD oil products. If you have any questions, please email us at email us or call 1-800-971-1288.

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